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Special Delivery Santa

The land was still shrouded in darkness early on this Christmas morn as Kris Kringle arrived home from delivering handmade toys and goodies to the children of the nearby towns and villages. As he walked toward the welcoming door of his house, with its warmth inside, he glanced over toward the workshop. “What’s this,” he thought as he spied a dark shape lying on the ground. He looked closer and could just make out the shape of a brown teddy bear that had fallen from his bag and been accidentally left behind. “No child can be left without a gift; especially not the well deserving young girl for whom this bear is intended.” Tired as he might be, he had to go back out into the night.

With just enough cover of darkness left, the bearded toy maker set out on his journey through the snow-fallen woods and down the hill. The faint light from the sliver of a moon was hardly ample to light his path. His old lantern was proving its worth. Given to him as a gift in his early years, it had shown him home on many a stormy winter’s night. Now the tarnish and soot layered on its finish reminded him of all the trips they had been on together. Indeed, this lantern was a trusted friend.

In the quiet stillness of the night, nothing else was heard but the crunch of the snow under his boots. As he crested the final hill, he could see the small village in the distance with its street lined oil lamps and picket-fences. The town was asleep, the horse carriages away in their barns, all candles and globes unlit. He approached the little girl’s home and placed the bear inside the door of the front porch.

When the jolly old soul returned back to his hilltop home, he shook off the snow of his burgundy cloak and placed it on the hook next to the door. He walked across the old wooden floor to the fireplace where he stood leaning on the mantle. The glowing fire that Mrs. Kringle had left him warmed his bones. He looked over at the lantern still lit on the table and reflected on his night. What a “special delivery” the last one had turned out to be.


We're proud to offer for sale this highly collectible limited edition Santa by Dan Bearden. Cast in resin, he stands 8 1/4 inches tall. He's superbly painted and will be a great addition to any Santa collection. Our Order Page gives easy instructions on how to have this Santa delivered to your door. Please Contact Us if you have any questions.

We hope you enjoy owning our Santas as much as we enjoyed making them!

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